(A GNU Pascal LispKit Port)

A release of the LispKit code and executables to accompany 'The LispKit Manual'.

The LispKit Manual was availiable in print from Amazon UK for £5.99

     The LispKit Manual - Volume 1
     The LispKit Manual - Volume 2
Downloads :-

     SECD Machine Pascal Source Code

     SECD Machine Windows .EXE File
     Loader loader.cls


The Modern LispKit Pascal source is designed to compile on the GPC (GNU Pascal Compiler). It has been tested on Windows MinGW and Linux so far, but should work on Cygwin.

I am contactable at  . This is the place to send any bug reports or suggestions.

SECD Machines

I have cross coded the Pascal into C, this SECD machine works apart from PRETTY.LOB which relies on Lisp node allocation order rather than true semantics.
The JavaScript version the IO side is not finished yet, it would be good to get this finished and working online at some point.

     C and JavaScript


Ctrl-Y ends output file, and allows new redirection.
On Windows Ctrl-Z ends input file, on Linux Ctrl-D ends input, and again allows redirection.

Original LispKit Source

This contains all the Lisp programs, compiler, linker, and example programs.

     LispKit Source

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